Payment Methods

One of the best credit cards is lowes business credit cards on the market today. Offers 5% cash back on all purchases and has an annual fee of $0. Applicants only need a fair credit minimum to be approved for Lowe’s credit card. Just read the terms of any ad finance offer before signing up.


Multiple Payment Methods

It is recommended that you pay your credit card bills on time to avoid fees and maintain your FICO credit score. This way, you also ensure that all card benefits can be fully activated. There are 4 main ways to pay your lowest credit card fees.

  1. Online access to my preferred credit card account: The cheapest and fastest way to pay your fees is to access your preferred credit card account online. You can also select electronic statements or schedule payments.
  2. Visit Lowe’s Store: When you go to Lowe’s store, you can also go to customer service to help you. To find a Lowe’s store near you, click on this Lowe’s Store Locator link.

Pay Lowe’s credit card Over The Phone

You can easily pay with Lowe’s Credit Card by calling 1-800-444-1408. Here you need to enter the required payment information which will be requested by the account manager on the phone. After that, you can easily make your payment with Lowe’s card.


By mail: the old-fashioned way, isn’t it? Simply write and send a check or money order to the company’s mailbox. If you agree to this process, you can find the address on your statement or we have listed the appropriate address below. Also visit

Lowe’s Benefit Card or Lowe’s Project Card holders should mail checks to Lowe’s, PO Box 530914, Atlanta, GA 30353-0914.

Lowe’s Organization Account Mail: PO Box 530970, Atlanta, GA 30353-0970

You can call the Lowes Credit Center at 1-800-444-1408 for help and information.